Fellowship 2021

Manon Houdard's work revolves around practices ranging from editorial design to visual identities, making use of typography, illustration and digital activities. Her practice is oriented around the appropriation and re-appropriation of archival documents.

Moreover, she is deeply involved in the Rémoise music scene by participating in many projects: in particular for the Rémois collective La Forge, which aims to promote electronic music through the creation of musical events (scenography, visual identities), for the group DEGAGE (typographic creation), as well as for the label House Plants Records (visual identities).

Adrien Tinchi was born in 1997 in Sedan. He lives and works between Bordeaux and Reims.
He graduated from the Ecole Supérieure dʼArt et de Design de Reims in 2020 (Diplôme National Supérieur dʼExpression Plastique obtained cum laude), he is the co-founder, the same year, of The Left Place The Right Space, an alternative artist workshop and exhibition space in Reims. Selected for the RFPU (Physics of the Universe) grant from the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics, he completed a research residency at the AstroParticle and Cosmology laboratory.
Through an attempt at discrete awareness, Adrien Tinchiʼs work questions singular phenomena and events from which he tries to bring out a sensitive essence. Particularly interested in the mediation of artistic work, he develops a series of “story-tellings" contextualizing his research and bringing to light certain projects that have remained hidden until now. With a particular interest in duration, his practice tends towards the multiform production of “parentheses", both factual and poetic.

Project funded by the Labex UnivEarths and the RFPU Endowment Fund.