Phase 2

Research course at the laboratory

Give a central and active role to girls in scientific research. The project will provide them with role models (mentors) thanks to APC's female researchers, engineers and technician, and they will personally experience the daily work of science. In this way, we aim at enhancing their interest in scientific careers. At the same time, the experience will hopefully help the participants, as well as their male classmates, dismantling some of the gender stereotypes connected to science.

The activities will make use of several tools: the pedagogical instruments present in the Outreach Centre (optical telescope, Michelson interferometer, cloud chamber and others); real-data analysis of cutting-edge instruments, like the gravitational-wave detector Virgo; the online pedagogical scenarios developed by the European project FRONTIERS.

In this article, the student researchers will be asked to present the context of their research, the tools and methodologies they used, and the conclusions they reached.